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Schedule Corrections Form  

We have added the convenience of an online form for schedule corrections this year! All requests will be reviewed and students will receive the most updated schedule on the 1st day of school. Schedules will continue to change as classes are balanced.

Reasons for Schedule Corrections:
  • PLEASE REVIEW YOUR CLASS LIST FOR ACCURACY. Examples of errors that should be changed are:
  • You have already taken the class and passed.
  • As a senior, you need a class for graduation.
  • The class is the wrong level. Example: Algebra I should be Algebra II, Biology should be Biology Honors
  • You are missing a class period or have too many classes listed.
  • Academic adjustment is necessary based on 2017 second semester performance.
Placement in Reading and Math Classes:
Students are placed in a reading course based on their prior year's performance on the FSA ELA Reading test:
  • Intensive Reading - 9th grade Level 1
  • Reading 1 - 9th grade Level 2
  • Reading 2B - 10th grade Level 1
  • Peer Counseling 3/4 - 10th grade Level 2
Students are placed in math courses based on their prior year's performance on math EOC's:
  • Algebra IA - 9th grade Level 1 on middle school math EOC
  • Liberal Arts Math - Level 1 or 2 on Algebra 1 EOC
  • Math for College Readiness - Level 1 or 2 on Geometry EOC
Processing Requests:
  • Schedule corrections will be handled through this form.
  • Options are extremely limited!
  • Submitting this form DOES NOT guarantee a schedule change will be made.
  • A change in the schedule could mean the ENTIRE SCHEDULE and TEACHERS are changed/rearranged.
  • Counselors will use discretion to prioritize changes that are valid and include ERRORS.
  • Changes may not be made for schedule "preferences".
  • New schedules will not be printed until the 1st day of school, regardless of whether you submit this form or meet with a counselor in-person, given balancing classes may continue.
Changes may not be granted for:
  • Teacher Preference
  • Time of Day
  • Change of Mind
  • Electives
  • Lunch Period
  • Closed Classes due to enrollment levels
Click here for the online schedule correction form.